Chat and Email

You feel more comfortable writing down your thoughts than talking about them? You are not alone. In order to accommodate your preferences, I offer therapy or coaching via chat or email. Chats are typically scheduled, but are often available within hours of your reaching out. Chats are most helpful to explore and resolve issues as they arise or shortly after a situation that brings up intense emotions.

If you enjoy thinking about a situation for a few days before voicing your ideas and like to express your thoughts in writing, using email might be the most helpful way for you to explore your life. Emails give you the opportunity to write and edit as well as to read and re-read my answers. I typically answer within 24-48 hours responding to direct questions, giving you “food for thought” and posing new questions for you to contemplate.

For more information and to set up an appointment, contact me at:


Chat (45 minutes)                                                                                                 $60

Email (I will take at least 30 minutes to read your email and respond)                $35

I accept paypal and Zelle. I do not accept insurance payments.