Anna Noble is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Master Addiction Counselor, a certified Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer, a published author and TV personality. Through the challenges in her personal and her professional life, Anna has come to believe that a program that promotes true wellness must include strategies for a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Utilizing this holistic approach, Anna will assist you in creating a life-style that meets your needs, is fulfilling and supports contentment. Whether the obstacles facing you are due to problems at your job, challenges in your relationships, or experiences in your past, Anna will coach you through the necessary changes so that your past does not determine your future.

Anna uses a variety of approaches, including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy, internal family systems therapy, EMDR, brainspotting, yoga, and exercise to promote change and transformation. Anna has worked in the mental health field since 1995 and has added other certifications and qualifications as she developed her unique straight-forward and holistic approach to overcoming life’s obstacles.

For 4 years, Anna led a team of therapists in the German TV documentary “Teenagers out of control”. The show was nominated for “den Deutschen Fernsehpreis” (the German equivalent of the American Emmy). Anna published two books empowering readers to make peace with their own histories and find contentment in their daily lives in order to be passionate parents, partners, and friends. Anna regularly leads intensives, retreats and seminars in the US and in Europe for people willing to journey inward in order to transform their lives.

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